Testosterone Suspension: The Hardcore Steroid for Hard Gains

Harm reduction focused discussions related to safe usage of AAS, TRT or hormone replacement with the exception of sourcing information. Of 123 men who used “AndroGel 1%” for periods up to 42 months, 12 had some local skin irritation, but only one discontinued treatment as https://ceros.pl/2023/09/22/new-study-reveals-benefits-and-risks-of-nebido/ a result [112]. After oral administration there is large variability in systemic availability, which makes this route generally unsuitable. Testosterone can be converted in the body to DHT (another physiologically active androgen) and also to estradiol (an estrogen).

  • There is however things we can do to ease the pain of this injection and most common is mixing your Testosterone-Suspension in the same syringe as other oil base steroids you may be using.
  • Socas et al.9 reported two very different cases of adult male bodybuilders who developed hepatocellular adenomas following AAS abuse.
  • Testosterone-Suspension is actually quite common among many tested athletes for as an ester free steroid its detection time is very short; if this hormone is administered the individual will pass any steroid test given to him a mere two days later.
  • Finally, nandrolone administration in mice confirmed the up-regulation of stemness-markers in liver, spleen and kidney.

A note of caution about greatly increasing your T dosage During the first months of T therapy, many trans men feel impatient waiting for changes to happen. Some may consider doubling or tripling their dose, thinking that the more they put in, the faster the changes will come. However, as was mentioned in the “FTM Testosterone Therapy Basics” section, dramatically increasing your dose might have the effect of slowing your changes.

The institutional subscription may not cover the content that you are trying to access. If you believe you should have access to that content, please contact your librarian. 17α-Methylated androgens (they have a methyl group attached to the 17 carbon) demonstrate reduced hepatic metabolism but also are less androgenic and are hepatotoxic.

Testosterone propionate

Testosterone Suspension, also known as Test Sus, is a hardcore steroid that can help you make hard gains fast. Because it doesn’t have any esters attached, the Testosterone in Test Sus is released rapidly into the bloodstream. Some forms of daily transdermal testosterone application, particularly the patch, are substantially more expensive than injectable testosterone. Testosterone patches often cause skin irritation and/or allergic reactions to users. They can fall off with excessive sweating, and they must be fully protected with plastic when swimming. Testosterone cream and gel can be transferred by direct skin contact with a partner; special care must be taken with female partners who wish to avoid potential virilization.

  • Additionally, as a general rule, the more carbon atoms there are in an ester, the more soluble the ester is in oil.
  • The most common method is injection (either subcutaneous or intermuscular) with a syringe.
  • Testosterone Suspension was later deemed as a medication that focuses primarily on treating andropause and hypogonadism.
  • Nandrolone is a testosterone derivative, known as one of the most commonly used androgens and anabolic steroids (AAS) to improve athletes physical performance exhibiting strong anabolic effects and weak androgenic effects.
  • If virilisation occurs but testicular size does not increase in spite of two or more courses of testosterone treatment, the possibility of hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism should be suspected.
  • It is typically applied once daily as directed to maintain T levels; dosage may vary from one pump (30mg) to up to four pump doses (120mg) per day as directed by your doctor.

To evaluate the effect of nandrolone to spheroid formation, 80 μM nandrolone was added to cell suspension when seeded into ultra-low attachment plates and the culture was maintained for 3 days or 7 days. Spheroids were photographed on an inverted optical microscope and their diameter was measured using the ZEISS ZEN imaging software. Human Dental pulp mesenchymal stem cells (hDPMSc) were cultured and differentiated in the osteoblast lineage as described elsewhere;67 the capacity of differentiated hDPMSc to produce calcium-rich deposits was analyzed by using alizarin red staining (ARS) as previously described67. Proposed mechanism of the differential action of nandrolone on normal/cancer stem and differentiated cells.

Testosterone Esters

However, this is not the situation for Testosterone Suspension, where optimal blood plasma levels are reached within hours rather than. There are a number of different esters of testosterone, including the commonly prescribed injectables of testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate, as well others such as acetate, propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate, caproate, decanoate, and undecanoate. Each of these different esters is a molecular chain composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. The main difference between the different esters is how many carbon and hydrogen atoms make up the chain. For example, the propionate ester is composed of 3 carbons, 6 hydrogens, and 2 oxygens, whereas the cypionate ester is composed of 8 carbons, 14 hydrogens, and 2 oxygens.

  • Testosterone patches often cause skin irritation and/or allergic reactions to users.
  • 17α-Methylated androgens (they have a methyl group attached to the 17 carbon) demonstrate reduced hepatic metabolism but also are less androgenic and are hepatotoxic.
  • Longer acting preparations, including testosterone buciclate and testosterone undecanoate, are being developed.
  • A single intramuscular injection of a biodegradable testosterone microsphere formulation produces normal levels of testosterone in hypogonadal men for up to 11 weeks; serum estradiol and DHT levels are maintained in the normal range.
  • This is not an exhaustive list, though it does cover the main injectable forms of T which are used by trans men for testosterone therapy.

Studies that have compared sex steroids in injectable oil solutions versus injectable aqueous suspensions have generally found that the durations are considerably longer with aqueous suspensions than with oil solutions. Whereas injectable estradiol and estrone in oil solution have durations of only about 1 to 2 days, aqueous suspensions of these steroids have durations of 2 to 7 days (Table). Moreover, whereas injectable estradiol benzoate in oil solution has a duration of 4 to 6 days, injectable estradiol benzoate as a microcrystalline aqueous suspension has a duration of 2 to 3 weeks (Table).

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However, serum testosterone levels rise into the high normal or supraphysiological range immediately following administration and gradually return to the hypogonadal range within 2 weeks [158,159]. Testosterone undecanoate is a longer-acting ester that maintains serum testosterone levels within the normal range without major fluctuations and its longer half-life allows for administration every 3 months after an initial loading dose in a 6-week interval [160–162]. Intramuscular administration of testosterone esters has traditionally been the most widely used method of testosterone replacement in the hypopituitary male.

In hypogonadal men, 1000 mg of TU can maintain stable plasma T levels for 12 weeks. TU alone was found to induce azoospermia in 96% of Chinese men (23/24, tea seed oil formulation, 500 or 1000 mg every 4 weeks) and in 57% of Caucasian men (8/14, castor oil formulation, 1000 mg every 6 weeks). Currently, phase III contraceptive efficacy trials are in progress in China using TU alone at 1000 mg every 8 weeks. The combination of TU with a progestogen has also been studied in Caucasian subjects (see below). “Normal” testosterone Levels An individual’s testosterone levels are usually confirmed through a blood test called a “serum total testosterone test.” Testosterone exists in your bloodstream in two forms– “bound” testosterone and “free” testosterone.

Baseline testosterone levels and other factors may influence initial dose and maintenance plan. It is important to note that this type of testosterone should never be injected into the vein and should be done by a medical doctor or under supervision of a medical professional. For trans men who are using injectable testosterone, slow-acting esters tend to be preferred, as fewer injections are needed over time to keep the blood levels of T reasonably constant. Testosterone enanthate (7 carbons) and testosterone cypionate (8 carbons) both take about 8-10 days to be fully released in the system, and so they are typically injected once every 7-14 days.

Continuous treatment, particularly with high doses of testosterone, will cause virilisation and bone age advance but will not have a desirable magnitude of growth spurt. Testosterone patches may adhere poorly to skin, particularly with excessive perspiration. Two pelagic stingrays (Pteroplatytrygon violacea)–male and female–were acquired in February 2006. Within a month or two the male had become very persistent biting and mating with the female. Both were developing wounds from mating activities and the male was becoming more and more aggressive. The female had pups in June and was released again into the same exhibit with the male about two weeks later.

The specific response appears to depend on the level of the reactive species, their intracellular compartmentalization and chemical properties. The amount of generated reactive species is kept under control by the armory of cellular chemical and enzymatic antioxidants. Normal and cancer stem cells proved to express higher levels of antioxidant enzymes as compared with their committed counterparts57,58,59. Accordingly to this notion it is conceivable that a pro-oxidative condition might elicit different and even opposite responses depending on the antioxidant cellular phenotype. Thus, the apparent beneficial antitumoral effect on differentiated cancer cells is counterbalanced by the harmful enrichment of the cancer stem cells compartment, which appears to be the major determinant of tumorigenesis60,61.

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